Unique legal agreements for today’s families

The traditional American family isn’t. Today’s relationships need the clarity of specific legal agreements. Whether it’s a prenuptial agreement, a life partnership, an adoption or a divorce, we can help you protect your assets and keep your loved ones safe.

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Not just an estate plan. A life plan.

These uncertain financial times make it all the more important that you plan for the future – for the day that you’re no longer there to look after your family. We create wills and trusts that protect your interests now and after you’re gone.

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A question or two



Do you have assets that  need to be kept separate from an impending marriage?
Are you thinking about divorce … or do you fear that your spouse is?
Are you worried that losing your case could mean losing custody of your child?
Would your wishes be honored if you were injured or ill and couldn’t speak for yourself?
Are you tired of being ignored or talked down to by attorneys?

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