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Family Law

State laws give us some very specific rules about legal relationships in traditional families.  But there are a lot of un-traditional families and unique circumstances that need special legal protection.  The time to put those protections into place is before anything happens.

We have a great deal of experience in this arena.  We write strong prenuptial agreements.  We help unmarried couples, including same-gender couples, define their relationships and adopt, raise and protect their children.

But what if you’re part of a traditional marriage that is falling apart?  Even if the divorce is cordial, you still need to make sure you get your share of the assets and provide for your children.  And if it isn’t cordial?  Then you need somebody fighting tooth and claw to get what’s coming to you and to keep your children safe.

In this mobile society, it’s not unusual for these legal battles to be carried out in different states.  We expertly navigate multiple legal systems to protect our clients’ rights.

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Estate Planning & Probate Work

People tend to think that estate planning is about what happens to us after we die.  It is that, of course.  You want to provide for your family or preserve your legacy and we can give you the legal tools to make that happen.

But estate planning dramatically affects what happens to you while you are living.  What would happen if you were physically or mentally unable to handle your affairs – or even if you were just traveling out of state and an emergency came up?  Protect your family and your property in these cases with a general durable power of attorney for financial decisions.

If you were injured or terminally ill and not able to speak for yourself, what would happen?  A living will is the right tool to make sure doctors and hospitals know what you want and don’t want.  A patient advocate designation form will make sure that there’s a person authorized to speak on your behalf.

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Personal Injury

You think you’ve planned every aspect of your life and then, suddenly, an accident takes it all away.  You may be injured physically, emotionally or mentally.  If your injuries are significant, your way of life may be forever altered. Financial compensation may be the only remedy for your pain and suffering.

In that awful time, you want a person – a trusted advisor — fighting for you. Will it take a jury to get you what you deserve or can we achieve a fair settlement outside the courtroom?  We look at every case individually, to get our clients the best outcome for them.

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Business Law

First things first:  What legal structure best suits your new business?   We ask the probing, relevant questions right from the start, so you can operate most effectively and protect your personal assets.  We can help you at every step along the way, with contracts, employee relations, lawsuits and collections.

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Civil Litigation

It’s the simple truth:  Anybody can sue anybody for any reason.  Their case may be a complete fabrication but you still have to bring evidence to court to make your case.

People often try to work things out on their own.  When they do, they take the chance that they won’t respond properly to the lawsuit and their opponent will obtain a default judgment against them, costing them both the money initially requested in the complaint and perhaps even the suing party’s attorney fees and costs.

You need an attorney who knows how to work the system, to respond to everything that gets thrown at you and to do it on your timetable, not theirs.

That is just as true if you are bringing action against someone who’s harmed you.  Civil litigation is all about knowing and using the system, and that’s where we excel.

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Criminal Law

Here’s my cell phone number: 248-496-9500. Save it to your own cell phone. Because if you or a loved one are ever arrested, you will need immediate assistance, and you won’t have the luxury of waiting until the time is right.

From the moment someone is detained or arrested, they risk saying or doing something that will come back to haunt them. They need legal representation immediately.

Our clients know that we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to meet their needs.
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