“Armene is tenacious. She sinks her teeth into something and goes right after it. She gives follow up calls and keeps you in the loop. You never feel like you’re on the back burner.” B. F.

“She’s brilliant, but she talks at a level that I can understand. She won’t step down from a battle she believes in. She isn’t intimidated by other lawyers – they can’t pull the wool over her eyes.” L.H.

“Armene has gone into some hellacious battles for me and she’s never lost! As little as she is, she’s pretty big in court. She can be ferocious. She doesn’t miss an angle.” M.I.

“Armene is compassionate but tough. She’s smart and extremely competent. I trust her implicitly. She advocates for her clients with a lot of heart and a lot of passion. “ J.H.

Armene Kaye, Esq., Attorney at Law
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